A.L.M.S. المص

A + L + M + S = 2529+1530+1164+97 = 5320 = 19x280

Only one sura is prefixed with these initials, Sura 7, and the letter “A” (ا = Alif)occurs in this sura 2529 times, “L” (ل = Lam) occurs 1530 times, “M” (م = Mim) occurs 1164 times, and “S” (ص = Saad) occurs 97 times. Thus, the total occurrence of the four letters in this sura is 2529+1530+1164+97 = 5320 = 19x280.

An important observation here is the interlocking relationship involving the letter “S” (Saad). This letter occurs also in Suras 19 and 38. While complementing its sister letters in Sura 7 to give a total that is divisible by 19, the frequency of this letter also complements its sister letters in Suras 19 and 38 to give a multiple of 19.

Additionally, the Quranic Initial “S” (Saad) interacts with the Quranic Initials “K.Ha.Y.`A.” (Kaaf Ha Ya `Ayn) in Sura 19 to give another total that is also a multiple of 19. This interlocking relationship — which is not unique to the initial “S” (Saad) — contributes to the intricacy of the Quran's numerical code.

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