Nun ن

Nun = 133 = 19 x 7

The initial N (ن = Nun) is unique, and it occurs in only one sura, 68. The name of the letter is spelled out as three letters — Noon Wow Noon — in the original text, and is therefore counted as two N's. The total count of this letter in the N-initialed sura is 133, 19x7.

The fact that "N” is the last Quranic Initial brings out a number of special observations. For example, the number of verses from the first Quranic Initial (A.L.M. of 2:1) to the last initial (N. of 68:1) is 5263, or 19x277.

The word "God” (Allah) occurs 2641 (19x139) times between the first initial and the last initial. Since the total occurrence of the word "God” is 2698, it follows that its occurrence outside the initials "A.L.M.” of 2:1 on one side, and the initial "N” of 68:1 on the other side, is 57, 19x3.

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