Y.S. يس

Y + S = 237 + 48 = 285 = 19 x 15

These two letters prefix Sura 36. The letter "Y” (ي = Ya) occurs in this sura 237 times, while the letter "S” (س = Seen) occurs 48 times. The total of both letters is 285, 19x15.

It is noteworthy that the letter “Y” is written in the Quran in two forms; one is obvious and the other is subtle. The subtle form of the letter may be confusing to those who are not thoroughly familiar with the Arabic language. A good example is the word "Araany أَرَىٰنِىٓ " which is mentioned twice in 12:36. The letter “Y” is used twice in this word, the first “Y” is subtle and the second is obvious. Sura 36 does not contain a single “Y” of the subtle type. This is a remarkable phenomenon, and one that does not normally occur in a long sura like Sura 36.

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